How Sliding Doors Inspire Spaces

It used to be that interior sliding doors were only seen in closets, pantries and to conceal the laundry area. But in today’s world of open concept living, loft spaces, and pint-sized condos, interior sliding doors and walls can be an absolute godsend. Dividing up space, whether permanently or just to suit your needs in a day, sliding doors make two rooms where there was one.

But sliding interior doors should actually be considered over standard doors if you really want to maximize space. Think about all the space you need to keep clear for a door to be able to fully open. Sliding doors that operate on tracks will free up upwards of 4 feet of space, absolutely vital in a small space.

Sliding Door 2

The choice available today for interior sliding doors is amazing. It used to be that you had little in the way of designs. Sliding doors were a practical solution, not a design-savvy one. But no more. Today’s are sure to add stunning character to your space even becoming a focal point. Sliding doors and wall systems come in a huge range of frames and cores so you’re sure to find something for every design concept. Many cores – glass in frosted or clear, linens, rice paper, laminates even beach grass – allow light to flow through space, while still adding privacy.

There’s so much inspiration in galleries online that might help you elucidate exactly what it is your looking for. And once you’re ready to make the leap, keep these tips in mind:

Research first to get a sense of how much all your options are going to set you back. Then set your budget. This will narrow the choices you can make as you take on the project.

Function of the smaller spaces you’re creating
If the sliding doors or walls are creating permanent smaller spaces, spend time thinking about optimal function and the placement of these doors. How much square footage do you need to be comfortable? If the doors will only shrink the space from time to time – creating a play area away from the home office or dividing your dining room from your kitchen – you have to consider the overall look of the larger room as well as the smaller spaces you’re creating.

Sliding Door 3

With iterations on the market that swing, slide, and tuck away neatly, most operate on tracks that attach either to the ceiling or floor. Ceiling installs are easiest and there are many different sliding door track systems on the market. Be sure to do your research.

Design aesthetic
The choice on the market these days is breathtaking. Spend time researching what’s out there and what you can realistically afford. If there’s a look you’re going for, but the cost is out of reach, think creatively. Shopping around at flea markets and antique fairs for old barn doors or other large-scale pieces that can be retrofitted and mounted on a track may be a more affordable option that still gives you that wow-factor (especially if you are handy).

Keep light in mind
Beyond beautiful statement pieces in their own right, one of the selling features of many sliding doors on the market today is that they let the light shine through even when the door is closed. Keep the placement of windows in mind as you look to install sliding doors. Many sliding doors will work with you to ensure you don’t choke off much needed natural light.


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