Only a Life of Luxury for Kitty

If you care for your cats as much as I do, you will probably look for a comfortable place for it to sleep and rest. The most popular option is purchasing a unique and deluxe cat beds. Luxury cat beds are usually made of first-class fabrics, filled with the softest materials and decorated with an elegant look. There are many cheap beds that look beautiful in the market; however, only a better quality cat bed will give your pet the finest comfort and support it needs.

Cat on Bed

You will agree with me that cats spend most of their time sleeping. Older cats and kittens can sleep for up to 18-hours a day. That is why; you will have to dig deep in your pocket to Luxury cat bed purchase a luxury cat bed for your little feline. The most outstanding quality that luxury cat beds have over their competitors is their size. They are large enough to allow your cat to stretch comfortably inside it. If you have a kitten, buying the bed will automatically account for its size as she grows. If you have at least one cat, ensure there is enough space necessary as they like snuggling together when sleeping.

Just like human beings, cats love to lie on soft surfaces when sleeping. With a cat, there are hardly such things as “very soft cat beds, that come filled with additional soft materials and thick padding on top. A Bed having quilted surface is best since it adds to the squishiness and puffiness of it. Low-quality cat beds are too thin and made of inferior synthetic fillers that will clump and make it lumpy and uncomfortable.

Cat Bed

Cats love to rest on warm places, even if the house feels warm to you. As I mentioned luxury beds come with thick fabrics , which keep the floor cold away from the cat. Some high-quality beds may even come with heating pads for restorative heating qualities. The additional warmth is crucial especially for older cats with arthritis. However, it is important to note that, if the bed of your cat is in front of the window and receiving direct sunshine, you will have to be mindful to switch off the heating pad. Most cats will choose to sleep somewhere else when their beds become too warm, and this will signal you to turn it off.

One of the notable differences between an ordinary cat bed and a deluxe cat bed is that the latter has additional features that make it very comfortable for your cat. Cats like to sleep in a place they feel is secure and protected. Most of the cool cat beds are designed with an enclosed space on top of the mattress, where cats can hide and feel very secure. In addition, Doughnut shaped beds having a deep-set sleeping cushion in the middle provide protection with totally covering up your cat.

Although I love my cats to live in luxury, doesn’t always mean you need to spend the earth. There are some great deals around after Christmas as well as checking out sites such as eBay and Amazon.


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