Bathroom Redesign? Why you Should Consider an Asian Theme

Asian themes reflect peace and calm. There are many Asian themed bathroom accessories you can get to produce peace and calm, a feeling of Zen. The accessories can be many and elaborate or as simple as a Shoji screen and a plant.

When considering an Asian theme for your bathroom redesign, you want to stay away from bright, garish colors. The colors you want to look at are earth tones. You want to bring the textures of nature inside to coordinate with your bathroom accessories. Think about the colors of stone or wood. Candles with spicy or woody smells will bring a pleasant atmosphere to the room. Color schemes that work well in an Asian themed bathroom are accessories in black and white with splashes of color such as red or gold.

Asian Bathroom 1

If your shower is part of the bathtub, look for a shower curtain that fits your theme. For a simple look, you may choose a plain shower curtain or you may consider a curtain with Chinese symbols on them. You can also find Bathroom Redesign accessories with symbols for love, happiness, wisdom, and tranquility on them. You can also find matching tumblers, toothbrush holders, wastebaskets, and soap dishes with these symbols or in colors of black and white. You can coordinate your bath towels and rugs by using red and gold as an accent color. Not only does this give you the Asian feel, but it is also a contemporary theme.

Wicker accessories are another way to add an Asian feel to your bathroom. Accessories such as shower curtains, soap dishes, toothbrush holders, and towel racks are made of bamboo. Using a bamboo is a good idea if you want an Asian theme but do not want an overpowering feel.

Asian Bathroom 2

To complete the feel of your Asian theme in your bathroom redesign, make sure your accessories fit the theme in texture and design. You may also want to consider painting your walls in a coordinating color or use wallpaper that will carry through on your theme.

There is a variety of Asian theme accessories you can use to create a peaceful and calm feeling in your bathroom.


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